About Us

Greeting to you all.🙂

We are a group of students who have recently graduated from Stanford University. We currently reside in Los Angeles, USA. The main purpose of creating this My19216811.com website is to help people who may be facing difficulties in finding their default router login IDs and passwords.

We always thought that was not a big issue, but we were surprised to find out that many people actually face this problem. And one day, we were also helped by someone when we were also facing difficulties finding our router’s credentials, so we decided to return the favor and help others who may be facing the same issue.

That’s our main objective behind creating this My19216811.com website. Here we’ll provide you with all the information related to the router, their IPs, and the default credentials which we’ve collected from different sources. So that you can easily find your router’s information on our website and login into it without any hassle.

We’ll also provide tips and tricks related to routers on our website, which we think might be helpful for you. We hope that our website will be able to help you in some way or the other.

Thank You.😊